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Orchestral Ripples / Kettles on Fire

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Written by Dario Ré

Produced and Arranged by Heat Speak

Recorded by David Covillo at Lead Pencil Studio in Spokane, Washington and Heat Speak at the Mystic Homestead in Spokane, Washington

Mixed and mastered by Wilson Harwood at Elevated Music in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dario Ré: ukulele, acoustic guitar, vocals, piano, marimba, tea kettles
Andie Daisley: vocals
Michael Starry: upright electric and acoustic bass
Phil Pintor: violin, wine glasses
Rick Estrada: violin
Caroline Bickford: cello
Tim Gales: cello, wine glasses
Zack Zuniga: djembe, congas, bongos
Chris Kelsey: drum kit


If ever a lonely place,
one where beauty must prevail
Words gathered and strung into songs
from a rock-filled dock that doesn’t pretend to float

The sun scarred planks and iron wounds
crumble and tarnish—splinter and stain
The sun scarred planks and iron wounds
crumble and tarnish—splinter and stain

I wish I could feel the waves
but I settle for smoke
settle for smoke on my tongue
and the sound of orchestral ripples
It’s an imagined place with memories unborn

Kettles on fire
everything postponed
we teeter in denial
and leave our home behind
A teaspoon less of sugar in tea
is bitter as wind and now we're trapped at sea
Perhaps I'll meet the wind halfway
I expect to return but I doubt I'll stay
in love with you for the wind tells well
of where I'll land I know I fell
So call it loss
and mourn it in full
for pain is fleeting
if you find something to learn