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River City Stays a Dream

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Written by Dario Ré.

Produced by Heat Speak.

Recorded by David Covillo at Lead Pencil Studio in Spokane, Washington.

Mixed and mastered by Wilson Harwood at Elevated Productions in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dario Ré: acoustic guitar, vocals
Andie Daisley: vocals
Michael Starry: upright bass
Phil Pintor: violin
Caroline Bickford: cello
Rick Estrada: electric guitar
Tim Gales: mandocello
Zack Zuniga: djembe, congas, bongos,
Chris Kelsey: drum kit

Artwork by Dario Ré


There’s a box I wished I’d never packed
with shells and book and dreams
the thought of no regrets thus far is a fantasy it seems
I left in such a youthful haste that no one stayed to see
if I’d return a grounded man or lost in naivety

But had they been on shore to catch my whimpering return
they would have found a father with his spirit badly burned
and his oldest son tied to heels, wounds needing cleaned
but despite our roots and smoky tears, river city stays a dream

River city stays a dream

I found a home so effortlessly dry begging for water and sun
so I added some trees and edible things
and thought for sure I’d won
the game I bet against myself in which I fly the coup
in search of who I might become and friends to share my soup
But as it be the soup I make requires self-esteem
and amongst the songs and beautiful things, river city stays a dream

River city stays a dream

Turning leaves and I voyage again and break the steady flow
of love and tender welcome from everyone I know
I offer my sons to the dragon of fate who feeds his glistening coat
with open wounds and bristling skin while I breathe through a knot in my throat

So I hide from the beast my precious reserve throbbing in my calf
of molten tears and secret words that appears to be only half
the armor I need to protect the land of memories unseen
from Hangman Creek to People’s Park where river city stays a dream

River city stays a dream