Heat Speak is an orchestral folk ensemble from Spokane, Washington. They use eclectic instrumentation and impassioned poetics to create a unique blend of indie folk, baroque pop and gipsy fusion.

Led by singer-songwriter, Dario Ré on guitar, piano, ukulele and vocals, members include: Phil Pintor on violin; Michael Starry on upright bass; Andie Daisley on backing vocals; Caroline Bickford on cello and Zack Zuniga on percussion.

Live shows often feature a floating cast of local musicians. Regulars include Tim Gales on mandocello, cello and vocals; and Patrick Culbertson on guitars, violin, mandolin and vocals.

Rootsy would be reductive but not entirely false, for embedded into Heat Speak's brand of indie-folk are flavors of busking Americana and Canadian coffee houses.”

— Behind The Setlist